Quality standards

NAME BRAND SOLAR PANELS: All of our Investment Grade Solar Systems use solar panels that are from a large publicly trade, government sponsored are large U.S. based manufacturers. Financial stability is paramount to the protection of your solar panel's warranty.
PTC RATING: A PTC to STC ratio of at least 90% is mandatory for all solar panels that are used in our Investment Grade Solar Systems. A higher PTC to STC ratio means a bigger rebate and better PTC performance in many states.
NEGATIVE TOLERANCE: Only solar panels with a least a negative 3%tolerance rating are used in our Investment Grade Solar Systems. This critical specifications assures you of receiving the power that you paid for.
WARRANTY: Our Investment Grade Solar Systems only use solar panels that offer real 25 year performance warranties. This protects your investment and increases the value of your solar system and your home should you decide to sell down the road.

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Quality that protects your investment

We're approached by dozens of manufacturers each year that attempt to convince us to carry their products. The vast majority of those manufacturers are turned down on quality issues. Before we offer any manufacturer's product it has to pass a battery of performance and quality tests that are administered by our service center. No product is perfect so when we find an issue (and our technicians almost always do), the product is sent back to the manufacturer for correction. When the product is returned to us for re-evaluation, if we find the same issue or a new issue, then the product is permanently rejected. Simply put, our customer are not beta testers. The products that we offer are simply 100% on the mark or we don't offer it.
  When you buy from Nevada Solar , when it comes to quality, you can be assured that your system will included the very best products available. When dealing with issues involving quality, we never compromise. If a product that is required for your installation is temporarily backordered then you will always be upgraded.
At Nevada Solar , quality always takes precedence over profit. We believe that offering high quality products is at the very core of our business model. It's been that way since 1997 and it will always be that way into the future.
Name Brand High Performance Modules.
Brands like Mitsubishi, Canadian Solar, SolarWorld, Auxin Solar and Panasonic that offer higher performance and real 25 year warranties.
Name Brand High Efficiency Inverters.
Inverter efficiency makes all the difference in the world when it comes to your rebate and energy production.
Name Brand High Strength Racking.
Your solar investment is only as secure as your mounting racks. We use only high strength racks with full factory warranties.



While that other solar dealer's higher
priced solar systems with their Chinese made
solar panels are designed to turn themselves off
during a power outage, our advanced grid tie
battery backup systems with U.S. made solar
panels and advanced L.G. lithium ion battery
packs will provide ultra reliable power during a
blackout, day or night.